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Independent International Travel Through OSU


All students traveling internationally under the auspices of OSU* are required to be enrolled in OSU's Health and Safety program. The Risk Management classification applies to students traveling on independent trips such as attending an international conference, conducting international research, traveling with a faculty member and so on. The Health and Safety Program is a billed on “per day” basis using the number of days from the travel registration and a flat fee for mandatory, online Health and Safety training and Alert Traveler.


*Under the auspices of OSU meaning requiring funding from OSU and/or you have submitted an OSU international travel request.


For questions, please contact the Study Abroad Office at:



What's included in the Health and Safety Program? 




Review period of coverage, exclusions and limitations and a summary of benefits.


OSU provides a mandatory insurance policy for all students and non-employee travelers with approved travel to ensure anyone traveling abroad through OSU meets all institutional requirements.

Insurance Resources

Receive proof of coverage, emergency assistance and information regarding claims.



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