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All Oklahoma State University students and non-employees traveling abroad under the auspices of OSU are required to have adequate emergency medical insurance coverage for the duration of their academic program abroad. Per requirements of the OSU Board of Regents, this must include coverage for emergency medical care, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains. To meet these requirements, OSU provides a mandatory insurance policy for all students and non-employee travelers with approved travel to ensure anyone traveling abroad through OSU meets all institutional requirements.


Be aware that any insurance for time abroad is set up on reimbursement basis. For this reason, be sure you have a plan for accessing emergency funds for medical care if needed. In most locations, a credit card will suffice, assuming your credit limit is enough to be useful.


OSU encourages all students to retain any health insurance they currently have in addition to the OSU policy. Emergencies abroad are one time having more coverage than you need is better than not having enough.




Review period of coverage, exclusions and limitations and a summary of benefits.

Insurance Resources

Receive proof of coverage, emergency assistance and information regarding claims.


For more information on insurance, please contact:

OSU Study Abroad/NSE Office  +1 405 744 8569
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