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Study abroad participation is not a luxury for a small group of elite students.


It is a necessity in training all Oklahoma students to compete and succeed in the 21st century.



6 Steps

From application to departure.
Click on the steps below to complete the sequential actions. Please contact our office if you have any questions. 

Follow the Steps

Step 1

Complete an Interest Form

Step 2

Get general information and start exploring programs with a Study Abroad Advisor. Schedule a virtual advising appointment here

Step 3

Explore Your Options

Step 4

Speak with Family and Find Funding

Step 5

Ready to Apply to Program

Step 6

Preparing for Departure


Search Programs

Find opportunities that align with your academic and professional interests.
Programs are available for all majors and range in length from a spring break abroad up to a year-long study abroad experience. 

Funding Your Experience

Financial aid, scholarships and other information regarding funding.
A lot of programs allow use of your current federal financial aid and OSU scholarships. In addition to the option of using scholarships and financial aid you already receive, there are many study abroad scholarships, both merit and need-based. 

Upcoming Events

Welcome Week and Fall 2021
See a list of all our upcoming events. 
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