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president hargis with new students

"It has never been more important for students to gain an international perspective and understanding in today's interconnected global economy. We encourage all students to pursue a study abroad opportunity that immerses them in different cultures and provides a learning experience of a lifetime. Whatever career they pursue, study abroad enriches and expands a student's Oklahoma State University education."

- OSU Former President Burns Hargis



Why Study Abroad?

Studying away from Oklahoma can provide you with some amazing experiences. It provides ways for you to grow professionally in an academic setting. The expectation is that you will use your experience to prepare yourself to meet challenges and seize the opportunities of an increasingly global society. Students of all majors, levels of study, and financial backgrounds are able to study abroad.


How to Begin?

Where Can I Go?

Oklahoma State partners with over 75 universities abroad for semester and academic-year exchanges. There are also hundreds of options for students looking for summer break, spring break, and winter intersession options. OSU also participates in the National Student Exchange, a consortium of more than 170 universities in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Canada. 


Find Your Program

Academic and Career Benefits

Students who studied abroad were twice as likely to find a job quickly following the completion of their college studies.

College graduates who studied abroad see a 25% higher average starting salary than those who did not study abroad.

Nearly 60% of employers consider study abroad to be a valuable asset for an individual's career path.

Study abroad participants are about 20% more likely to graduate on time than non-participants

Develop Leadership Skills

Gain insights into your field of study from a global perspective. 
OSU wants to provide you access to programs that will develop you as a future leader, equip you with the skills and knowledge required for global competency, and allow you to engage with local, national, and global communities as culturally perceptive citizens. Every experience abroad is different and the old saying holds true, ”You will get out of the experience what you put into it.” 


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