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OSU's Global Agreements

Oklahoma State University's global agreements form partnerships and create opportunities with institutions around the world by committing to a long-term goal that can lead to additional program development.

Types of Global Agreements:


Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

An MOU is an official agreement with a foreign institution (e.g. government agency, business, research center, consortium or university) that typically contains general language, no financial obligation to either party, and no commitment beyond further negotiation and interaction.


Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

An MOA is a more detailed agreement that governs the implementation of a clearly articulated program of collaboration. This agreement outlines the intent of the collaboration and specifies specific obligations. An MOA may be either college level or university level.


Types of MOAs:

  • dual degree programs
  • reciprocal education exchange program
  • articulation agreement for credit transfer


College Activity Agreement (CAA)

Occasionally, it will be necessary to have other international agreements for specific program purposes at the college level. When this is the case, and the needs of the college document do not fit either an MOU or MOA, the title of the document and its format should be checked against available templates or models from OSU Global.


Other Agreements

Other international agreements for specific program purposes, such as an agreement with a foreign entity for research or other funding should be checked against available templates or models from OSU Global. If a relationship clearly fits within the framework of a contract or grant, the research office should be the appropriate administrative unit to work with. When formal institutional relationships result, OSU Global should be notified.

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