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Why Global Studies?

Become a world-class problem solver. 
The Master of Science degree in Global Studies is designed to prepare you to cope with the international responsibilities and solve world problems. The program is designed to help you develop global perspectives and leadership skills for a variety of professional contexts, including business, economic development, security and disaster management, global leadership, media, and public and international policy.  Our interdisciplinary curriculum draws from the best OSU has to offer and emphasizes the real-challenges that face developing and developed nations alike and seeks to bring a global problem-solving perspective to address those challenges.

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To earn the master's in Global Studies, you must take 18 hours of core courses, which provides a breadth of knowledge. Each student will take the introductory course for each focus area as part of the core, as well as a graduate-level research course and Contemporary Issues, which examines major transnational issues and associated problems of international cooperation, including ethnic conflicts, environmental degradation, global standards for human rights, and economic globalization.

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Global Business and Trade

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Global Leadership and Development

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Global Communication and Public Diplomacy


Global Disaster and Crisis Management

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