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   About the Program


  • Can I visit the School of Global Studies or the OSU Campus?

    If you would like to visit the School of Global Studies to learn more about the master’s program, we would love to meet you and show you around our beautiful campus! Please email  to set up an appointment.


    Because so many prospective students to the School of Global Studies live outside of the United States, you are not required or expected to visit prior to enrollment.

  • How do I apply to the School of Global Studies Graduate Program?

    Application to the Master of Science program in International Studies is made through a central online application process administered by the Oklahoma State University Graduate College. To apply, click HERE.


    Once on the site, follow the directions to create your account. Then, once you begin the application process, specify the MS program in International Studies. Upon completion, your application will be processed by the Graduate College and forwarded to the International Studies program for consideration.

  • Do I need to submit GRE/GMAT scores?

    No, the School of Global Studies does not require the GRE or the GMAT for admission.

  • What are the English proficiency requirements?

    The School of Global Studies does not have separate departmental English Proficiency Requirements. Below are the English Language Requirements for admission to the OSU Graduate College as of July 2014:

    “All persons for whom English is a second language are required to present proof of English competency. However, an applicant who has or will have completed a baccalaureate or graduate degree from a college or university where English is the primary teaching language, and which is located in a country where English is a primary language, is not required to submit a TOEFL or IELTS score.


    If required, an official TOEFL score of 79 (internet based test) or 550 (paper based test) is required to be submitted. The TOEFL institution code for OSU is 6546.


    Alternatively, an official IELTS, academic stream, examination with a minimum overall band score of 6.5 will satisfy the English proficiency requirements for admission to a graduate program. Either examination must have been taken within the last two years.”


    Up-to-date information on the OSU Graduate College’s English Language requirements can be found at under the “International Applicants” tab.

  • What do I do after I submit my application materials?

    You can check the status of your materials by logging into you online application. Once logged in, you can see what materials have been received and processed. You can also re-send notifications to your recommenders to remind them of the procedure for submitting letters.

Common Questions from Students

  • What is the mandatory orientation for new/incoming SGS students?

    To help students adjust more easily to the interdisciplinary program and graduate classes, a mandatory orientation program is conducted each semester. All new students are to attend the orientation conducted the first week of classes. Some of the topics to be covered include:

    • Academe and scholarship: What makes graduate school different from the undergraduate experience?
    • Structure of the SGS program
    • Enrollment and advising process
    • Academic integrity and potential violations of academic/university rules
    • Expected academic performance while in the program
    • General introduction to writing styles and library research
    • Meet-and-greet with current students, faculty and staff
    • How and when to apply for internships, study abroad, and independent study
  • What opportunities do I have for professional development?

    During your time in Global Studies, there will be opportunities for professional development. Many of these opportunities will be available through our department and our department’s student organizations, but there are also opportunities through OSU and the Stillwater community. Our office will announce these opportunities to our students via email.


    Additionally, students can assume leadership or demonstrate commitment to service through involvement in on-campus organizations, like the Student Association of Global Affairs, Sigma Iota Rho, the Graduate and Professional Student Government Association, International Student organizations, etc.

  • What is the level of professionalism is expected of me while in the program?

    As an interdisciplinary program with four different focus areas, our students will be entering careers in different disciplines. Our student body consists of students from different countries and cultures. The School of Global Studies expects all of our students to be responsible for their own education and to treat colleagues and peers with respect.


    A specific discipline may require a certain dress code or formal procedure of etiquette. As it relates to careers, students may make an appointment with Career Services to review discipline-specific professionalism requirements.

  • What are my housing options?

    There are options for housing both on and off campus. The Off-Campus Student Association has information for living off campus. If you want to live on campus, you can find more information on your options with the Housing and Residential Life Office. The Family Resource Center offers assistance to families and campus residents as well.

  • How can I find out what my cost of attendance is?

    A list of tuition costs and fees is available through the Bursar's website here.

  • What is a plan of study?

    A plan of study (POS) lists graduate courses you’ve taken, are currently enrolled in, and plan to take for the completion of your graduate degree. The original Plan of Study must be submitted to the Graduate College prior to the completion of the second semester (excluding summer sessions) of enrollment for a master’s degree. The Graduate College will not permit further enrollment until this requirement has been met.

    The Plan of Study is done online through the Graduate College. You can also find FAQ page completely dedicated to the Plan of Study.

  • What if I need to add/drop a class?

    You can add/drop classes through the Banner self-service system. 


    During the first week of classes, you can change your schedule without restriction. Check the academic calendar for information on important deadlines, as it will determine how it will appear on your transcript and how much, if any, of a refund you will receive. 


    If you have major concerns about a course during the semester, come into the office and meet with us!

  • What is the Foreign Language requirement?

    The Foreign Language Requirement was designed to ensure all students who graduate from the School of Global Studies Graduate Program have been exposed to an international culture other than their own through language.


    To fulfill the foreign language requirement, native English speakers must have accomplish one of the following:

    1. Complete 9 semester hours of a second language or 3 semester hours of intermediate or advanced modern foreign language courses with a minimum grade of C.
    2. Obtain an Intermediate level rating on the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI). 
    3. Complete an approved language immersion program

    This requirement must be completed prior to graduation from the School of Global Studies Graduate Program. Language courses may be completed at OSU or outside institutions during your time in the program. We also accept previous coursework in foreign language but will ask for proof of completion.


    Note: The 15 hours of language courses cannot be counted toward the 33 hours necessary to complete the master’s degree.

  • What is the Research Design and Methods requirement?

    Due to the nature of graduate work, students are normally required to complete a course in research design and method. This requirement may be adjusted or waived at the discretion of the Director of Academic Programs, depending upon the background of an individual student. Appropriate courses include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following:


    Research Design/Methods (one of the following; appropriate substitutions are subject to approval by program director):

    • GS 5133 Research Design and Methodology in Global Studies
    • REMS 5013 Research Design & Methodology
    • SOC 5273 Qualitative Research Methods
    • STAT 5013 Statistics for Experimenters I
    • POLS 5103 Research Design
    • SCFD 5913 Introduction to Qualitative Inquiry

    Students with appropriate backgrounds may usually substitute more advanced methods courses to fulfill this requirement, subject to the approval of the program director.


    International students may also wish to consider ENG 4893 -- Research Writing for International Graduate Students.

  • What is the International Experience requirement?

    Students from the U.S. must have an international experience to qualify for the master’s degree in Global Studies. The time outside the US must be a minimum of 3 to 6 weeks, involve a structured program of coursework or internship and have occurred during the student’s undergraduate or graduate programs. Due to the great variety of opportunities, the experience must be approved by the Director.

  • What programs are available for me to complete the International Experience requirement?  

    There are many opportunities for SGS students to study abroad. The OSU Study Abroad office has opportunities available for graduate students, and there are several short-term faculty-led study abroad programs offered by any of the academic colleges.


    Another opportunity to study abroad is through the UPAEP-OSU dual degree master’s program. Completion of this program will allow you to get a Master of Science degree from OSU as well as a related master’s degree from UPAEP in Puebla, Mexico. For more information on this opportunity, contact the SGS Graduate Program Adviser.


    If you have a international opportunity you believe would be a good fit with our program, talk with the SGS Graduate Program Adviser. Academic credit can be offered for qualifying study abroad experiences, subject to SGS coursework and the approval of the Director of Academic Programs.

  • Are there student organizations I can join? How can I get involved?

    Yes! Student Association of Global Affairs (SAGA) is an organization for School of Global Studies master’s degree students. All Global Studies students are automatically members, and there are no dues. The goal of the organization is to create a community that complements students’ classroom activities and connect them with SGS alumni.


    Sigma Iota Rho is another option for students looking to get involved. Sigma Iota Rho is a collegiate honor society for international studies recognized by the International Studies Association. Members of Sigma Iota Rho take part in advancing the honor society's cause for furthering study and awareness of international affairs. Students are eligible after they complete one semester and have a 3.3 or higher GPA


    To get involved, email

  • I've finished my classwork! How do I file for graduation?

    The Process:

    • Double check your Plan of Study. (Does it match your official transcript?)
    • Make corrections to your Plan of Study and resubmit it through the online system.*
    • File the Graduate Clearance Form*
    • Attend thesis format review workshop (thesis option only).*
    • Submit to the Graduate College the “Thesis/Dissertation Oral Defense Results” form (thesis option only)*
    • Complete online submission of thesis (thesis option only)*
    • Turn in Diploma Application to the Registrar by University deadline.*
    • Buy or rent a cap, gown and Master of Science hood.

    *Follow all pertinent dates on the Academic Calendar at the beginning of this manual.

    You must submit a Diploma Application and Graduate Clearance Form to be eligible to graduate. View graduation checklist


    To submit your diploma application, login to Banner and select the 'Diploma Application' option located under the 'Students' menu. You should file the diploma application for the semester in which you plan to complete all degree requirements. Diploma applications will be accepted until Friday of finals week for the semester. If you would like your name to appear in the commencement ceremony program, your diploma application must be submitted by April 1 (for spring and summer graduates) or November 1 (for fall graduates). For more information, visit the Steps to Graduation page on the Registrar website.


    Students should submit a signed and completed Graduation Clearance Form to the Graduate College (202 Whitehurst). This requires a meeting with the advisor to ensure that all requirements will be met by the various deadlines. At this time, a student and their advisor should ensure that the plan of study is accurate and all courses on that plan are reflected on the student’s transcript. In order to address any enrollment-related issues that might arise, students are strongly advised to complete this form early in their final semester.


    International students are also required to submit a final semester verification form. The International Students and Scholars (ISS) office is required to report the enrollment status of all international students via the Student & Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). At Oklahoma State University, full-time enrollment status for graduate students is defined as 9 semester hours for students with no assistantship or with an assistantship less than 0.50 FTE (20 hours per week), or 6 semester hours for students with an 0.50 FTE. However, in the final semester of study, students may be permitted to enroll in a course of study that is less than full-time (but is still subject to any requirements of their graduate assistantship). Hence it is essential to verify that an international student desiring to be enrolled less than full-time is indeed entering their final semester. requirements of their graduate assistantship). Hence it is essential to verify that an international student desiring to be enrolled less than full-time is indeed entering their final semester.


 Financial Aid

  • What are the options for financial aid?

    Generally speaking, there are limited programs for financial aid to graduate students, and applicants should not normally rely on university-related financial support to complete their education. The availability of financial aid for most programs is contingent on the state’s economic situation, which varies from year to year. Most graduate students work part- or full-time to help meet their financial needs.


    Availability of funds and programs, eligibility requirements and deadlines vary from year to year, and students should always check the latest information before assuming they are eligible for any particular form of aid and before taking any specific action.


    To be considered for a tuition waiver, applicants must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Funds may be awarded to students even though they do not demonstrate financial need, but they must go through the process. The FAFSA forms must be filed annually for continuation of tuition waivers. Incoming students will be considered for this aid. Students will receive a letter from the School of Global Studies advising them they have received any support under this program.


    Other Sources of Information:

    • Complete information on financial aid programs is available in the Office of Financial Aid in the Student Union.
    • A manual of financial programs is available at the Graduate College is a great resource for general financial aid information for graduate students. You can see available information here.
    • Occasionally, our office will send out notices of special grants and awards via email.
    • Another option is for graduate students to look for full-time employment at OSU.
    There are also several options for part-time employment or graduate assistant positions on campus. Some of these are available through OSU Career Services.
  • How do I apply for a graduate assistantship?

    There are a limited numbers of graduate assistantships are available to students in the School of Global Studies. These assistantships are not scholarships and are not given strictly based on either financial need or academic performance. Instead, the School selects graduate assistants based on a combination of academic performance, professional experience and skills as they match SGS needs.


    Graduate assistants generally receive a monthly salary for 20 hours of work a week and have their tuition waived (does not include university fees). Only a portion of the health insurance is waived. Those on assignments must enroll in a minimum of six semester hours during the fall and spring semesters.


    The School of Global Studies graduate program selects recipients of the assistantships and coordinates the assistantship program. Individuals may be assigned to help faculty with research projects. Other duties may include assisting SGS staff on special projects. Graduate assistants must maintain scheduled contact with their supervisor for assignments. One’s performance is evaluated at the end of each semester.


    To apply, students can indicate their willingness to be considered in their graduate college application here.. Supporting materials that amplify a student’s qualifications and experience may be attached to the application. Confirmation of assistantships may not be possible prior to the start of each semester.


    Assistantships are for an academic year only. If academic and job performance are satisfactory, the assistantship will be strongly considered for renewal. Individuals may receive assistantships for up to the three semesters typically required to complete the degree and extensions of the time will be considered only under special circumstances.

  • Are there any other options for financial aid?

    Numerous professional organizations and associations offer financial aid to graduate students in the form of scholarships, grants, awards, fellowships or internships. Some awards are for scholarly papers and theses, others are true scholarships, and others involve working for the sponsoring organization for a semester or less. The Office of University Research posts announcement of these opportunities.


    Other awards of interest to Global Studies majors are the following:

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