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The School of Global Studies offers four IPGS endowed professorships with the purpose of developing focused educational and research efforts in and about the Iranian and Persian Gulf region.


The annual support these professorships provide allow faculty to explore their disciplines - whether in the liberal arts, engineering, agriculture, or otherwise - from the perspective of Iran and the Persian Gulf. Open professorships are filled through a competitive call for proposals; any tenured or tenure-track faculty member at Oklahoma State University is eligible to apply for a professorship, which is awarded on a three-year basis with the possibility of renewal.

Current Professorships

Dr. Hamed Gholizadeh


Dr. Hamed Gholizadeh

Assistant Professor of Geography, IPGS Endowed Chair 


Project Title: Mapping Biodiversity in Hyrcanian Forests of Northern Iran


Currently, we are experiencing a major biodiversity crisis all over the world. With the current rate of species extinction, it is expected that we will lose up to 30% of species in many regions of the globe by the end of the century. The Iranian Persian Gulf region is no exception. Through this professorship, we will leverage satellite remote sensing to map biodiversity in Hyrcanian Forests, located in the southern coast of the Caspian Sea in Iran.

Snapshot from UNESCO world heritage sites.
Snapshot from one of the UNESCO world heritage sites within the Hyrcanian Forests and 20 km south of Gorgan, Golestan Province. Satellite image © 2022 Maxar Technologies. 


Dr. Pouya Jahanshahi


Dr. Pouya Jahanshahi

Associate Professor of Graphic Design, IPGS Endowed Chair





Project Title: Metamorphosis of Tiger Nasta ʿlīq script


Professor Jahanshahi's research focuses on Iranian Art and Design towards considering alternative paths in engaging the exploration of Iran as a nation and culture, beyond political boundaries. Amongst other paths, his most recent research has focused on the “Metamorphosis of tiger Nastaʿlīq script”, and "Tracing a Revolution: The Progression of Iranian Typography,” presented at national and international venues. He will be part of an upcoming documentary film Art, Beauty, Music & God - The Story of Nasta'liq by Homa Films. Dr. Jahanshahi continues his curating international posters for peace through his 20x20 Posters For Peace traveling exhibition, promoting peace, and displaying Iranian peace posters side by side with their counterparts in venues around the globe. 


20x20 Posters for Peace

20x20 Posters for Peace. 

Dr. Ali Mirchi


Dr. Ali Mirchi

Assistant Professor of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, IPGS Endowed Chair 


Project Title: Protecting Water and Food Security in Iran and the Persian Gulf Region through Sustainable Water Management Research, Education, and Outreach


Dr. Ali Mirchi’s research focuses on water resources planning and management to derive policy insights that promote water sustainability. His work through the IPGS professorship has improved understanding of growing water security challenges in Iran and the Persian Gulf Region with critical implications for food production capacity. The documented evidences include drying up of water bodies, widespread groundwater table decline, and increasing competition and conflict over limited water. These evidences are characteristic of a state of water bankruptcy that requires a paradigm shift in water resources management. 


Mirchi Research Photo



Dr. Adel Pezeshki


Dr. Adel Pezeshki

Associate Professor of Animal and Food Sciences, IPGS Endowed Chair 


Project Title: Regulation of glycemic control by branched-chain amino acids


The major focus of Dr. Pezeshki’s research is the regulation of metabolic health by diet. His current research interest is understanding how branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) regulate glycemic control. Through his IPGS professorship, he will explore the role of novel molecules that alter glucose and lipid metabolism following BCAA restriction. Gaining insights into underlying mechanisms by which nutrients regulate energy balance and glycemic control may lead us to develop new interventions to mitigate and treat metabolic diseases.


Dr. Pezeshki's lab group


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