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Global Leaders Leadership Workshop 2020


About Global Leaders

The Global Leaders program is a series of seminars and activities designed for international students to facilitate participants' understanding and development of individual leadership styles, and to support participants to transform knowledge into impact. Furthermore, the program serves as a platform to form friendships and cultural understanding. It is jointly offered by the School of Global Studies and Partnerships and the Leadership Institute. The program will help attendees to recognize their capacity to lead in all areas of their lives. This year's program will be delivered in a hybrid model with some segments and activities in a virtual setting and others in an in-person format. This program is open to all international students at OSU.


This program includes:

  • two sessions of leadership seminars that will help you identify and analyze your leadership style
  • opportunities to strengthen your public-speaking skills, expand your ability to work in diverse groups and explore the leadership challenges associated with complex social issues
  • community engagement activity that will help you understand how to collaborate with others and make a difference in the community
  • interactive opportunity with the students from the President Leadership Council (PLC) to understand and appreciate cultural difference


Leadership Development Certification

Successful completion of all required workshops and activities will enable the student to receive a leadership development certificate. It will be a noteworthy credential to list on your resume or CV.





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"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."
- John F. Kennedy


Key Components


Leadership Development workshop


Leadership Workshop Series*

The leadership development workshop will allow you to understand and enhance your leadership skills needed for both personal and professional growth. You will learn more about your leadership style and how to effectively maximize your strengths.

      • Segment 1: Workshop on leadership development
      • Segment 2: Community building activities


Cultural Dialogues & Final Project*

      • Participants are required to conduct a cultural project in a team
      • The number of members per team will be contingent on the number of participants. The project will be centered on a selected topic that is covered in the workshop series and dialogues.


Volunteer & Global Engagement Activity*

Volunteer activities provide an opportunity to work with others and serve the community to make a difference. The program offers several options in this category with both virtual and in-person community events, and participants will select one of the volunteer opportunities listed on the application form.


*Successful completion of the required events will enable participants to obtain a program certificate and attend the cultural enrichment activity.


Cultural Enrichment Activity

Participants will attend half-day cultural activities including the tours of Oklahoma City and watching an OKC Thunder game. This event is optional.


Opportunities for Future Engagement

If interested participants would like to assist in future Global Leaders programs or initiatives to expand their leadership capacity, two options are available to further engage with the program. The commitment to being an advocate or peer mentor typically ranges from 3-5 hours for the academic year. More details will be shared during the program workshop.


Global Leaders Advocate:

      • Serve as a representative of the Global Leaders programs in your respective community. (note: the format is highly flexible; the programs could be in the form of presentations or other outreach capacities)
      • Participate in the Global Connection program to provide presentations and offer information, advice and share your experiences in the program.
      • Participate in programs and activities related to the Global Leaders program.

Global Leader Peer Mentor:

      • Serve as a positive source of support to help new students or first-time participants to adjust to campus.
      • Develop and maintain a peer relationship focused on helping new students or first-time Global Leaders to make a smooth transition and adjust to campus. (note: the format of activities is highly flexible; the activities could be in the form of coffee outings, meeting up in the library or a campus tour)
      • Serve as a resource for new students or new participants helping them identify appropriate campus services.
      • Participate in programs and activities related to the Global Leaders program.
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