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 107 Wes Watkins Center

Randy Kluver, Ph.D.

(405) 744-6606
Associate Provost of Global Partnerships & 
Faculty Page

Cathie Kincaid

(405) 744-6606
Executive Assistant

Jim Shideler

(405) 744-4804 
Director of Community and State Engagement

Vivian Wang, Ph.D.

(405) 744-4283
Director of Global Partnerships

Jennifer Nixon

(405) 744-4217 
Senior Financial Specialist

Lyn Putnam

(405) 744-5496
Communications Specialist

School of Global Studies Academic Program

 204/201 Wes Watkins Center

Jami Fullerton, Ph.D.

(405) 744-4722
Director of SGS Academic Programs 
Faculty Page

Cara Menasco Eubanks

(405) 744-4344 
Graduate Program Coordinator & Adviser

Study Abroad & National Student Exchange Office

 242 Student Union

Judy Parrott

(405) 744-2810
Student Exchange Coordinator

Sam Ball

(405) 744-5593
Study Abroad Program Coordinator

Matt Palmer

(405) 744-8550 
International Program Specialist

Catie Miller

Global Programs Coordinator

English Language and Intercultural Center

 307 Wes Watkins Center

Dr. Michael Amory

Interim ELIC Director

Dr. Carol Moder

ELIC Advisory Council

Dr. Steph Link

ELIC Advisory Council

Amy Takebe

ELIC Assistant Director

Ryan Nicklas

Instructor and Language Specialist

Bryan McKinney

Instructor and Language Specialist

Office of International Students and Scholars

 309 Wes Watkins Center

Tim Huff

(405) 744-2110
Assistant Director

Karen Sebring

(405) 744-6600
International Programs Coordinator

Tina Newton

(405) 744-3396
International Programs Specialist

Brooke Richardson

(405) 744-8122
International Programs Specialist

Sayaka Isoda

(405) 744-4287
Accounting Specialist

Kee Luck

(405) 744-5482
Administrative Support Specialist

Soojeong Kim

(405) 744-9756
Administrative Assistant

Steve Lanier

(405) 744-5451
Coordinator International Programs

Wes Watkins Center of International Trade Development

 103 Wes Watkins Center

Andrew Ranson

(405) 744-7127
Director of the Wes Watkins Center for International Trade Development

Alex Efird

 (405) 744-7128
International Trade Specialist

Maria Lopez

 (405) 744-7122
Trade Marketing Analyst 

UPAEP U.S. Liaison Office

 201 Wes Watkins Center


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