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OSU Institutional or Enrollment-based Scholarships

Funding for study abroad is often dependent on the program and applicability to your major. Reciprocal exchange programs enable you to keep most OSU enrollment-based scholarships and OSU tuition-waiver scholarships. Some OSU scholarships will not apply to Affiliated/Approved (Transfer Credit) programs. Scholarships not dependent on resident enrollment at OSU are the best way to fund these transfer credit programs. If you have a tuition-waiver scholarship or similar OSU enrollment-based scholarship (Regents, Valedictorian, etc.), be sure to defer it so it can be used when you return. The appropriate form is available in the Scholarships and Financial Aid Office, 119 Student Union. All students seeking aid should meet with Scholarships and Financial Aid before making their final program selection to be fully informed on their funding options.


Note: In addition to these general campus scholarships, most academic colleges and many departments offer study abroad scholarships as well. Be sure and check with your program for additional funding opportunities!


Click on the links below for more information on each scholarship opportunity:

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OSU Scholarships

OSU Study Abroad Office Scholarships

Open to OSU students participating in credit-bearing programs and activities abroad.  Scholarships are awarded based on need, program location, area of study, and program duration. Award amounts vary depending on program length, and students may be selected for more than one award if they meet the eligibility criteria for multiple scholarships. Students will apply for a specific term, such as summer, fall or spring. Contact:

Don and Cathey Humphreys' Long-Term Travel Grant

These travel grants require an international experience of eight (8) weeks or longer. The funds are associated with the five Don and Cathey Humphreys Chairs in International Studies, which are filled by selected faculty from various departments. There is no standard award amount; applications are merit-based and include a budget, which may receive full or partial funding from the chairs. Applications for support may be submitted at any time, but prospective applicants should be sure to apply well in advance of the start of their proposed program.Contact:

Gerry Auel Passport Grant

The passport grant is open to all OSU undergraduate and graduate students applying for their first US passport. The grant reimburses a few students per year, depending on funding available, the total cost of obtaining their first passport. Deadline: February 15 (or the Friday before the 15th when it falls on a weekend). Contact:

Foreign Language Department Scholarships

Several scholarships are available each year through the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures for students currently enrolled at OSU. Deadline: early February. Contact: Department of Foreign Languages. 309 Gunderson, 405-744-5825

Bailey Family Memorial Trust Scholarship

Open to full-time OSU students who wish to pursue liberal arts studies at a recognized university outside of the United States. Awards vary depending on program length and location. Deadline: January 30 Contact: A&S Student Services. 202 LSE, 405-744-5658

For additional scholarship information specific to each college, students should contact their department's Study Abroad Coordinator




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