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Opportunities & Programs

Global Partnerships Office is dedicated to support OSU faculty, staff and students’ global engagement desires through our global partners platform. 

For OSU Faculty & Staff

Research and Teaching Opportunities 

Many key partner universities are eager to work with OSU faculty and staff to collaborate on teaching and/or conducting research at their universities for a semester-long program or a short-term summer project. If you are interested in connecting with faculty in our key partner universities on your research project or teaching collaborations, please feel free to email Dr. Randy Kluver for more information.


Hosting Visiting Scholars

With our rich and diverse cultural and intellectual communities, as well as our long history of global ties, OSU attracts visiting scholars who greatly enhance our community.  These individuals enrich our community’s intellectual and research endeavors, international connections, and global perspectives. If you are interested in hosting a visiting scholar from our partner institutions, please visit ISS website for more information


For OSU Students

In today’s global society, students who enter the workforce having had a strong global experience hold a noteworthy advantage. OSU helps expand students’ global learning through our study abroad programs. If you are interested in studying abroad for one semester or longer, please visit the Study Abroad website for more information.


Study Abroad Opportunities with Partner Institutions

Fudan University International Summer Session

Fudan Summer Session Program offers 16 content courses and 3 Chinese language courses at different levels. The content courses will cover a range of topics in History and Culture, Society and Politics, Business and Economy, and Global Issues of the 21st Century. Each content course is designed as a 39-credit-hour course, and each level of Chinese language is designed as a 40-credit-hour course. Students can choose one or two content courses and the Chinese language course is optional. After successful completion of the course study, students will be awarded a program certificate and an official transcript from Fudan University.


Southwest Jiaotong University Short-Term Intern Program for University-College Engineering Students

For Our Partner Institutions

Global partnerships enhance internationalization relations through exchange and collaboration. Whether we host students to gain international experience on our campus, or create professional development and global experience for faculty and staff, we look forward to working with our partner institutions to enhance the internationalization of our campuses!


Short-Term Student Mobility Programs (non-credit)

General Leadership Development/American College Experience Program

Focus on leadership skills, American cultural studies, English language skills, and other campus activities


Discipline-Based Summer Programs

Discipline-based educational program, American Cultural studies, English language skills, and other campus activities


University Staff Professionals Development Exchange Programs

University staff members play a vital role in supporting the internationalization across the campus. This program will help university staff members from our partner institutions gain a better understanding of the best practices in American higher education system and examine the professional expertise through the comparative lens.


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