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Spring 2021 Long-Term Programs

Important Updates

The following information is intended only as guidance for students considering long-term study abroad program participation. Students interested in other travel opportunities should consult with the coordinator of that program or trip.


The health and well-being of our students is our highest priority as we continue to closely monitor the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Ongoing and changing travel restrictions have presented unique challenges for students in planning for future international education.


While our office is currently accepting applications for long-term programs taking place in future terms, OSU has instituted a pandemic travel ban for all faculty, staff, and student travel. This restriction on travel is in place until further notice. Long-term program applications do not guarantee participation and are subject to review (please see the Petition to Study Abroad below).


The information on this page will be updated as needed to assist you in planning your semester abroad. However, you should remain in contact with your program coordinator for the most current updates and information. For assistance or questions, please contact the Study Abroad and National Student Exchange office at  

Petition to Study Abroad

As noted above, OSU has instituted pandemic travel restrictions banning all faculty, staff, and student travel for the foreseeable future. Recognizing that some students may face exceptional circumstances requiring travel to maintain academic progress, the OSU Administration made the decision to allow students wishing to study abroad on semester-long programs taking place during Spring 2021 to do so pending a petition process. All students wishing to study abroad must provide evidence supporting the following required criteria:

1. Travel is critical to a student’s plan of study, and canceling would severely impact academic progress

2. Host countries and institutions must have sufficient resources and procedures in place to adequately provide care in the case of coronavirus infections in students, and to manage surges in cases

3. A host country has not been placed on a “do not travel” recommendation from the WHO, CDC, or the U.S. State Department


In addition to these criteria, OSU considers current, country-specific lockdowns and other measures, the most recent updates from the host university on their policy for receiving or sending students on study abroad or exchange, and the increasing rate of COVID-19 infections both in the United States and abroad.


If all of the criteria are satisfied, and the university approves the travel, students must be aware that they will assume all liability for any health issues while they are traveling. This includes any necessary medical treatment and travel related plans. 


The current petition, for students with program applications approved by the OSU Study Abroad / NSE Office prior to the November 1, 2020 deadline, can be viewed here.



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