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student with family abroad

"We think the most important thing [our son] gained from study abroad is the true understanding of another culture. You can spend a lifetime studying countries and cultures in books or online, but until you actually live in another country and engage with people from other cultures every single day, it is hard to understand what it means to be a global citizen."

- Fran Gragg
Parent of OSU student that studied abroad in the Czech Republic


Family and friends are a vital part of the study abroad process, from the decision to study abroad through planning, preparing, participating, and returning. We in the Study Abroad/NSE Office appreciate the contribution you make to a successful experience abroad and we hope you will enjoy sharing the study abroad adventure with your student. Studying abroad has become not only common, but is a key component in a complete academic program. It can be the most life-changing and lasting aspect of a student’s education. While we believe that each student is ultimately responsible for his or her experience abroad, we want to provide the very best preparation and support possible. We are pleased to have you join us in this endeavor! Please note that a lot of the information contained in these pages is focused towards study abroad periods of a semester or more. For OSU college-based programs, the faculty leader for the course will be the best source of information regarding the requirements, rules, and special needs for students participating in these programs.


students abroad in the uk

Benefits of Study Abroad




Students are able to develop skills in problem solving, gain a new perspective on their area of study, take classes they wouldn’t be able to take at OSU, develop foreign language skills, gain geographical and historical knowledge, and be exposed to a populations who process information differently than they do.


Through study abroad, students gain a strong sense of direction for their future career, make professional contacts, take advantage of internships and volunteer opportunities, and gain valuable skills that will set them apart when they are applying for jobs in the future.




As a result of study abroad, students develop confidence and a stronger sense of independence, improve flexibility and creativity, and gain a new sense of appreciation for what they have in the US.


Students increase their interest in other cultures, develop intercultural competence and communication skills, and become more aware of and sensitive to other cultures back on the OSU campus and in the US.


More reasons to study abroad

How to Help



Comparing costs allows students to choose a financially feasible program and helps students and parents accurately assess what a program will cost, utilize current resources, apply for scholarships and other sources of aid. 


While Abroad


Locate and determine resources that will allow for methods of communication, as well as methods to cope with culture shock and other ways to support your student while they are participating in their program abroad.

During Program

Returning Home


Studying abroad can be transformative. Sometimes, especially when a student has studied abroad for a semester or longer, returning home can be unsettling. Learn how to encourage your student to use study abroad to benefit their future.

After Return
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