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OSU graduate students participate in international programs through many avenues and as such the funding available is varied. This information is designed to give graduate students a starting point for searching out funding.


Note: In addition to these general campus scholarships, most academic colleges and many departments offer study abroad scholarships as well. Be sure and check with your program for additional funding opportunities!

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OSU Study Abroad Scholarships

Provost's Study Abroad Office Scholarship

Open to full-time OSU students participating in credit-bearing programs and activities abroad. Scholarships are awarded based on need and amounts vary depending on program length. See website for specific dates.

Cycle I Deadline - winter intersession, spring semester and spring break application opens in September and closes in mid-October.
Cycle II Deadline - summer, fall semester and academic year programs opens in Mid-November and closes in January.

Don and Cathey Humphreys’ Study Abroad Scholarship

Open to undergraduate or graduate students with demonstrated financial need. Applicants must provide proof of an application to a credit-bearing activity abroad (outside the U.S.) . Study period must be a minimum of eight (8) weeks. See website for specific dates. 

Cycle I Deadline - spring semester application opens in September, 2015 and closes in mid-October.
Cycle II Deadline - summer, fall semester and academic year programs opens in Mid-November and closes in January.

Don and Cathey Humphreys’ Long-Term Travel Grant

These travel grants require an international experience of eight (8) weeks or longer. The funds are associated with the five Don and Cathey Humphreys Chairs in International Studies, which are filled by selected faculty from various departments. There is no standard award amount; applications are merit-based and include a budget, which may receive full or partial funding from the chairs. Applications for support may be submitted at any time, but prospective applicants should be sure to apply well in advance of the start of their proposed program. Contact:

Gerry Auel Passport Grant

The passport grant is open to all OSU undergraduate and graduate students applying for their first US passport. The grant reimburses a few students per year, depending on funding available, the total cost of obtaining their first passport. Deadline: February 15 (or the Friday before the 15th when it falls on a weekend)

Wes and Lou Watkins Matthew 25:40 Service Scholarship

This scholarship, supported by a generous donation from Congressman Wes & Regent Lou Watkins, is a service scholarship for students who are active participants in non-traditional international experiences in underdeveloped countries that address the issues of hunger, health, education, and poverty. The standard award amount is $1000. Deadline: Mid-November



National Study Abroad Scholarships

Boren Scholarships (National Security Education Program [NSEP])

This program awards scholarships to American undergraduate and graduate students to study in foreign countries and world regions critical to U.S. national security. NSEP awards are available for a maximum of $10,000 per semester or $20,000 per academic year. The competition is merit-based. Students may apply for study in summer, fall, and spring.


Deadline: Mid-January

Contact: Dr. Steve Hallgren

(405) 744-7204



Rotary Scholarships

Scholarship provides funding for various types of study in another country. This award is intended to help cover round-trip transportation, tuition, fees, room and board expenses, and some educational supplies up to U.S. $23,000 or its equivalent. Apply one year in advance.


Deadline: See website for details.

Contact: Dan Tilley

422 Ag Hall, Oklahoma State University

Stillwater, OK, 74078

(405) 744-6180



Fulbright US Student Program

Over 1500 grants for individual research and English teaching abroad area awarded each year.


Contact: Dr. Steve Hallgren

(405) 744-7204



OAS Fellowships

The fundamental objective of the Organization of American States (OAS) is to promote the economic, social, scientific and cultural development of the Member States in order to achieve a stronger bond and better understanding among the peoples of the Americas. The OAS provides several hundred fellowships for graduate studies and research throughout the Americas.


Deadline: Jan. 15



Mitchell Scholarship (Ireland)

Post undergraduate study, in Ireland, to recognize Senator George Mitchell’s contributions to Irish peace process. All costs plus travel. Application early-October of senior year.


Contact: Office of Scholar Development

334 Student Union, 744-7313

Gates Cambridge Scholarship (UK)

Graduate study at the University of Cambridge, sponsored by the Gates Foundation. Apply to Cambridge by early October.


Contact: Office of Scholar Development334 Student Union




Marshall Scholarships (UK)

For 2-3- years study at any school in the UK. Nearly 40 awards given every year to students with highest scholarship/leadership credentials. Intense application process, including interview requirement. All costs. Apply early fall of senior year.


Contact: Office of Scholar Development334 Student Union




Rhodes Scholarships (UK)

The Rhodes Scholarship is available to graduating seniors and graduate students for 2 years of study at Oxford University. Application is highly selective and competitive, and students must be endorsed by their schools. Several interviews required. All costs. Application early -October of senior year.


Contact: Office of Scholar Development334 Student Union




The American Scandinavian Foundation Awards (Scandinavia)

Grants and fellowships for post-undergraduate study in Scandinavian countries. Awards range from grants (normally $4,000) to fellowships (up to $20,000).


Deadline: November



Huntington Public Service Award

For any graduating senior who wishes to pursue public service anywhere in the world.Amount of Award: $10,000 for one year.


Deadline: mid-February




Additional Sources of Aid

Country Specific Scholarships

Create a Campaign

  • Create a campaign, set a goal of funds you need to raise, and allow family members, friends, or anyone, to contribute money into an account for your specific study abroad experience -
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