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Most students who study away from OSU use some form of scholarships and financial aid to help fund their program. OSU has resources available to help you through the sometimes complex process of determining which aid can apply to your chosen program.  While many scholarships and grants apply to a wide variety of programs, other forms of financial aid (including loans) may have restrictions so you will want to research your options early!


To be eligible for financial aid, students need to enroll in courses that will apply towards their major requirements at OSU, regardless of the study abroad program. Students must also meet all other eligibility requirements, including but not limited to, satisfactory academic progress, financial need, and minimum enrollment.

Program Specific Reminders


Reciprocal Exchange

Reciprocal exchange programs enable you to benefit from federal financial aid because you remain enrolled as a fee-paying student at OSU. However, most aid is directly tied to courses required for your degree. If you plan to study abroad for your minor or plan to take excess electives, be sure to discuss your options with the: 


Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid



Affiliated/Approved (Transfer Credit) and Direct Enrollment Programs

It may be possible to use some of your federal financial aid award to fund enrollment at a non-OSU program provided it is ONE of the following:


  • Program through a U.S. university. For example: University of Oklahoma, University of Kansas, Semester at Sea, etc.
  • Program through a third-party provider with an approved agreement with Oklahoma State University.
  • Program through a university abroad with which OSU has a special agreement to enable you to use your financial aid. For information on a specific university abroad with which OSU has an agreement, please visit the Study Abroad Office for more information.


Faculty-Led Courses

Courses offered by academic colleges at OSU are often set up to provide for aid to apply towards the tuition portion of the program costs. Programs offered for academic credit can usually qualify for the Provost Study Abroad Scholarship and other scholarships offered by OSU. Speak with the coordinator of your faculty-led program and with the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid to discussion your options.



National Student Exchange (NSE)

Students electing to participate in the National Student Exchange opt for either Plan A or Plan B which determines how their tuition and fees are paid. Students on Plan A will pay tuition and fees at the host university and should contact that institution for financial aid information as the host school will process aid for the exchange. Students on Plan B will pay tuition and fees at OSU, enabling you to benefit from many of your current scholarships and financial aid. Students on either plan should speak with Linda Millis or Lori Boyd in the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid by scheduling an appointment at 405.744.6604 to review options and special considerations for selecting which program option may be best.

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