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Non-Traditional Students Abroad


Adult students often face unique obligations when attending college, which "traditional" students may not encounter. Circumstances surrounding your family, work, parenting, and home life may appear as obstacles to deter you from study abroad. While participating in short-term study abroad programs may be an option, OSU’s Study Abroad/NSE Office also helps support non-traditional students in semester- and year-long programs, as well.


Frequent concerns among non-traditional students include the age difference from their peers, isolation due to their age, if other adults will be present, how children at home will fare, and how people abroad will view adult students. Our office can work with your host program's coordinator to ensure your needs can be met and, in many case, appropriate accommodations can be made.


Study abroad is a very valuable experience that can enhance one's resume, outlook, and career. No matter the age, living abroad or participating in a short study abroad course can be eye-opening, especially if you have never had the opportunity to leave your home country before.


Being an adult student abroad can actually have certain advantages compared to traditional students. Due to more experience in the world, it is possible to obtain deeper insight, ask more poignant questions, and make more insightful observations about the host culture. As thousands of non-traditional students study abroad on a wide variety of programs, their focused, goal-oriented motivations often shine through and allow them to absorb and understand the world around them.


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