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Students with Disabilities


The OSU Study Abroad/NSE Office is committed to helping all students go abroad and is works closely with Oklahoma State University Student Disability Services to facilitate study abroad for students with physical, learning, or emotional disabilities.


While many cultures recognize and support people with disabilities, every culture's attitude, accommodations, and resources will vary. Many countries have legal statutes in place to assist people with disabilities, while in other countries, few exist or few are followed. Social systems, expectations of independence, assistance from authorities, personal rights, and concern for confidentiality can vary widely abroad. Working with the OSU Study Abroad/NSE Office can improve program selection and help you to find the best fit for your individual needs and desires.


Our office encourages all of its advisees to be open to the study abroad advisors during program selection. While we will never force students to disclose any disability, we would like to work closely with you, your advisor, and the coordinators abroad to ensure that adequate services will be provided and all accommodations can be met. You are encouraged to research your proposed destination and come to meetings with any pertinent questions so that our office can address your specific concerns with our colleagues at institutions abroad. Any information you provide will be kept confidential and will not be factored into your application.



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