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We are excited for you to join the Cowboy family!

Learn more about Oklahoma State University

Campus Recreation Center

Student Disabilities Services provides assistance in the classroom and in everyday life on campus.

Edmon Low Library

As America’s Healthiest Campus, we believe that wellness is more than diet and exercise, it’s a lifestyle.

Student Union

We provide science-based educational programs to help Oklahomans address local issues and manage resources wisely.

Campus Maps

OSU is committed to excellence in diversity and inclusion. We want everyone to feel welcome here!

Stillwater, Oklahoma

As a university, we strive to be a part of the community and give back to those in Oklahoma, and beyond that, the world.

OSU Bus Routes

One of the essential components of our land-grant mission, our researchers aim to improve quality of life with new ideas.



Getting to Campus

With an airport minutes from OSU, flying into Stillwater is a great option!
Select from the options below to learn how to arrive to Oklahoma State University from the Stillwater Regional Airport or airports in nearby cities.

Housing Options

Living on campus contributes greatly to any student's experience at OSU.
Incoming exchange students are encouraged to live in the newly renovated Iba Hall as part of the Global Scholars House Living Learning Program (LLP). This community is a place for both U.S. and international students to share culture, build friendships and participate in a variety of programs. 


Additional Information

Student Disability Services (SDS)

Student Disability Services (SDS) is committed to providing a community that ensures full participation for students. SDS provides assistance to students that will facilitate their independence and academic progress. Academic support services include specialized testing, classroom accommodations, accessible textbooks, access to/assistance with Assistive Technology (AT), and other services as necessary. Students may request services by contacting:


Student Disability Services


For information on Assistive Technology and Web Accessibility, please visit

OSU Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is mandatory for all international students (visa holders as well as J-Scholars) at Oklahoma State University as U.S. medical care is extremely expensive. Medical insurance will be provided upon arrival. Fees for insurance will be applied to the 1st tuition billing statement you receive.


Find more information at

  • What will the weather be like?

    Since Oklahoma is in the Temperate Zone, you should come prepared for variable weather. The temperature frequently drops to 20F (-7C) during the winter and rises to as high as 110F (43C) during the summer. With this great temperature range, students need a wardrobe for both seasons. You will need warm clothes (including a heavy coat) for the winter season (November to February) and lighter clothes for the summer (June to September). You may wish to wait to buy winter clothing when you get here.

  • How do I get involved on campus?

    There are over 500 student clubs and organizations at OSU that students can become involved in. Students can learn more about organizations, sporting events, and other opportunities at



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