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...Upon reflection, it seems obvious to me that my semester exchange with the National Student Exchange program was an instrumental turning point in my college and professional career. In the semesters before exchange, I was a high-achieving, albeit slightly lost, student with multiple major changes. During the exchange, I felt a growing connection back to my home university - in fact, I became interested in all the resources and student leader opportunities that my home university offered. After my return, I grew confident in my skills in public speaking, educational programming, and working under pressure. I've used those skills extensively in the years since.

- Lucas McCamon
OSU Alumnus


What Experience Will You Have?  

Finding the right program for you.
University College students can participate in a wide range of programs ranging from international internships, service learning, faculty-led or semester and year long exchanges. Finding the perfect program starts with focusing on your interests. 



Semester in South Korea

Soongsil University
Soongsil's foundation is its students.  They are the life of the university and every employee is there to facilitate their development.  The educational curriculum is based on current business practices and students' needs and satisfaction.  Their main goal is to produce global talent and well-respected leaders who can understand and participate in the growing global community.  

Semester in Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico

National Student Exchange
The National Student Exchange (NSE) is a consortium of over 170 universities in the United States and Canada. The NSE was established in 1968 and has had more than 120,000 students participate in exchanges. Students exchange for a semester, academic year or summer.  


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