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Students of Color

Racial and ethnic minorities in the United States may or may not face discrimination while abroad. For those visiting a country of ancestral origin, your study abroad can be an incredibly rewarding journey, as it gives a chance to connect with roots. Alternatively, discovering a completely different culture can be equally transformative. The Oklahoma State University Study Abroad/NSE Office is committed to working with students of color, who have been historically underrepresented in study abroad programs. Through our office, we hope to provide essential advising, tools, and resources to help you make the most of your study abroad experience!


Our office works closely with the Office of Multicultural Affairs to prepare you to study abroad. Members of both offices will work with you to promote cultural development, explain potential attitudes of local citizens, and provide resources to facilitate a successful time abroad. has fantastic resources  for racial and ethnic minorities abroad. The Plato Institute also provides ample literature on supporting diversity abroad.


In some cases, your racial or ethnic identity may take a backseat to your country of origin. People may be curious about your ancestry and may ask personal questions about your situation. Similar to the United States, different regions of each country may hold different opinions and stereotypes about racial and ethnic groups. All students going abroad, regardless of racial or ethnic background, should be vigilant, understanding, and patient. As is possible in the United States, instances of racial discrimination, prejudice, injustice, or crimes can happen. Please report any problems to your host university coordinator and our office.


Resources for specific populations and racial/ethnic groups, as well as general information, and testimonials can be found within these links. 


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