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OSU Humphreys’ Chairs Award 22 Students with Scholarships to Study Abroad in Spring 2019

The Oklahoma State University Humphreys’ Chairs in Global Studies awarded 22 students with Humphreys’ Long-Term Travel Grant scholarships for long-term study abroad experiences in the Spring 2019 term.   

The selected students for Spring 2019 are a mix of undergraduate and graduate students that represent all OSU academic colleges and will travel to a combined 14 countries. They are participating in a variety of study abroad programs, including traditional exchange programs, internships, volunteer opportunities and to conduct research.  

The Humphreys’ Grants are available to all Oklahoma State University students who want to participate in long-term, overseas study experiences of at least 8 weeks in countries other than Western Europe. The funds dispersed are used to cover the students’ travel and daily living expenses abroad.  

The students who were awarded and their travel locations for the Spring 2019 term are: 

College of Arts & Sciences 
Madison Turley - Japan 
Yuriah Polk - Japan 
Evalyne Gitau - Korea 

College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources 
Reed Burres - Peru 
Alex Jost - Peru 
Katelyn Schrodt - Uganda 
Carson Vinyard - Australia  

College of Human Sciences 
Madelyn Alldredge - Italy 
Abigail Coates - Scotland 
Sydney Buck - Scotland 
Grace Szakin - Scotland 

College of Education, Health & Aviation 
Andrew Addink - Slovenia 

College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology 
Kara Marchetta - Japan 
Drayke Thompson - Denmark 
Brian Day - Japan 

Spears School of Business 
Caleb Craig - Croatia 
John Dunn - Australia 
Aaron Sawyer - Australia 
Alyssa Schaefer - Argentina 
Katherine Aycock - France 
Skyler Banta - Spain 
Baohnia Lor - China 

Don Humphreys, an OSU graduate, and his wife, Cathey, generously endowed the scholarships to assist OSU students in gaining greater global exposure.   

The Humphreys’ Chairs include: Dean Randy Kluver, School of Global Studies and Partnerships; Dr. Reuel Hanks, College of Arts and Sciences; Dr. Paulette Hebert, College of Human Sciences; Dr. Kevin Voss, Spears School of Business; Dr. Stephen Wanger, College of Education, Health and Aviation; Dr. Shida Henneberry, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.  

For more information on the Humphreys’ Long-Term Travel Grants, click here