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Complement your primary area of graduate study with an international dimension with the addition of a graduate certificate in International Disaster and Emergency Management! Through exploring practical aspects of emergency management in a global setting and the industry's best practices, this certificate program better prepares you to apply your current graduate studies and related real-world experiences to careers in an ever-changing global environment.




Course Requirements

To be a candidate for the Graduate Certificate in International Disaster & Emergency Management, you are required to complete 18 credit hours of graduate degree coursework, all of which is listed below. However, up to six hours of certificate credit hours may, at the departmental adviser’s discretion, be counted toward another graduate degree at OSU. Candidates requirements for the certificate program are as follows:




Global Studies core courses (2)


Fire & Emergency Management Program core courses (2)


Electives from the approved list (2)


Total credits for certificate




Global Studies Core

The Global Studies core includes an international experience in either governmental or non-governmental organizations active in international disaster and emergency management. A study abroad component will be strongly encouraged if you do not have significant international experience. In addition, you will be required to complete an individual study with an expert in the field.


GS 5513  Global Crisis Management 3 credits

Provides graduate introduction to Global Crisis Management. Students will learn about topics ranging from emergency management, disaster management to crisis management on the global stage. This includes examining the global system for dealing with disasters and crises that cross international borders, and the agencies and organizations that respond.


GS 5013 Contemporary Issues  3 credits 

Examination of major transnational issues and associated problems of international cooperation, including ethnic conflicts, environmental degradation, global standards for human rights, and economic globalization. Previously offered as INTL 5010 and INTL 5013.



GS 5110 Internship  1-6 credits

Individually supervised internships in international career areas. Offered for variable credit, 1-6 credit hours, maximum of 6 credit hours



GS 5200 Study Abroad  1-6 credits

Academic work abroad on either a group or individual basis. Offered for variable credit, 1-6 credit hours, maximum of 6 credit hours. Previously offered as INTL 5200.



Fire and Emergency Management Program Core

The Fire and Emergency Management Administration core consists of two courses that will introduce you to the basic concepts of emergency management administration and the practical aspects of emergency management in global setting.


FEMP 5623 Emergency Management in the International Setting  3 credits 

Introduction to emergency management in the international setting. Provides background for students who may work with international assistance programs or who may become involved in the delivery of emergency management services abroad as part of an international assistance effect.


FEMP 6313 Comparative and International Dimensions of Fire and Emergency Management  3 credits 

Comparative analysis of the organization, management and policies of fire and emergency response services in other countries


Retention Standards

Students in the proposed certificate program must retain an overall average GPA of 3.0 or above. Students who fail to meet that requirement will be placed on probation. A failure to meet the requirements at the end of the probationary period may lead to expulsion from the program.


Certificate Completion

The proposed certificate will be awarded once the requirements for the program are met. No courses with a grade of C or lower may be counted towards the plan of study for this certificate. In addition, the GPA of the courses included in the plan of study must be 3.0 or above.


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