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International Disaster and Emergency Management (IDEM) Graduate Certificate


The graduate certificate in International Disaster and Emergency Management offers an option for graduate students to add this component to their program or for professionals in the field to complete to enhance their careers.

The curriculum consists of three components:

1. International Studies core          6 credit hours
2. Fire and Emergency Management Administration core          6 credit hours
3. Electives          6 credit hours
Total      18 credit hours

These courses are currently offered regularly in the Fire and Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) and International Studies (INTL) programs. No new course offerings will be necessary at this time.

The International Studies core includes an international experience in either governmental or non-governmental organizations active in international disaster and emergency management. A study abroad component will be strongly encouraged for those students who do not have significant international experience. In addition, students will be required to complete an individual study with an expert in the field.

The Fire and Emergency Management Administration core consists of two courses that, together, can be taken as the fundamentals of International Disaster and Emergency Management, consisting of POLS 5693, which serves as the introduction to International Emergency Management and will introduce students to the basic concepts of emergency management administration, and POLS 6203, which is focused more directly on the practical aspects of emergency management in an international setting.

The electives have been structured to allow students to meet their individual needs and professional interests, thus allowing for some specialization within the structure of the certificate program.

Relevant courses at the graduate level offered by other departments, programs, and schools within the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education may be approved as electives by the director(s) of the certificate program on a case by case for credit towards the proposed certificate.

In accordance with OSU Graduate College guidelines, students may transfer up to three credit hours from another regionally accredited institution provided the following conditions are met:

  • The student must have been formally admitted to graduate study at the institution from which the proposed transfer credits originate.
  • Courses proposed for transfer of credit must be certified as graduate credit at that institution.
  • Only courses successfully completed with a “B” or equivalent grade or above will be considered for transfer.
  • The courses to be transferred must be recommended by the student’s adviser and must be approved by the Dean of the Graduate College at the time the plan of study is prepared.

Specific curriculum information

INTL core (minimum of 6 credit hours)
INTL       5110       International Studies in Internship
INTL       5020       Independent Study
FEMA core (minimum of 6 credit hours)
POLS      5693       Emergency Management in the International Setting
POLS      6203       Comparative and International Dimensions of Fire and Emergency Management
Electives (minimum of 6 credit hours)
Choose at least two courses from among the following:
POLS      6303      Populations at Risk
POLS      5933      Disaster Response
POLS      5923      Preparedness and Planning
POLS      6300      Complex Emergencies*
INTL       5200      Study Abroad
AGCM    5503      Disaster Management & Communication in Agriculture & Natural Resources

*Please note that POLS 6300 “Complex Emergencies” will be given a permanent course number after academic year 2013-2014.

Application Requirements

To Apply

Application to the School of International studies graduate programs is made through a central online application process administered by the Oklahoma State University Graduate College.

To apply, click HERE or go to

Once on the site, follow the directions to create your account. Then, once you begin the application process, specify the Certificate - International Disaster and Emergency Management. Upon completion, your application will be processed by the Graduate College and forwarded to the Global Studies program for consideration.

Application requirements will be as follows:

  1. Applicants must show a GPA average in their undergraduate major of 3.0 or above.
  2. Applicants must be fully admissible to the Graduate College at Oklahoma State University.
  3. Two Letters of Recommendation
  4. Statement of Qualifications, Goals, and Objectives
  5. Professional Resume
  6. Transcripts
  7. Complete online Graduate Certificate Application Form
  8. Nonnative English Speakers must score 550 (213 on the computer-based) or better on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) to be admitted by the Graduate College into any OSU graduate program.

Applicants with significant experience in the field of disaster and emergency management will be given preference.

Retention Standards

Students in the proposed certificate program must retain an overall average GPA of 3.0 or above. Students who fail to meet that requirement will be placed on probation. A failure to meet the requirements at the end of the probationary period may lead to expulsion from the program.

Certificate Completion

The proposed certificate will be awarded once the requirements for the program, as described in section B, are met. No courses with a grade of C or lower may be counted towards the plan of study for this certificate. In addition, the grade point average of the courses included in the plan of study must be 3.0 or above.

Gainful Employment Disclosure